What's Hot About Mobile App Development
Mobile app development is this the process whereby application software is developed specifically for mobile devices. Usually, mobile app can be accessed through devices such as smartphone and tablet. Apart from those that are already installed in the devices (and sometimes can’t be uninstalled), you can also download additional apps from the online app store. From a report in 2017, it is mentioned that the Apple has more than 3 million apps in its mobile app ecosystem. It is a really huge number. Games like Pokemon Go, online ride hailing platforms, and online food ordering have all been a big hit. As technology and smart devices are becoming more affordable and readily accessible to people worldwide, mobile app development is a rapidly growing field. Designers and developers are often contacted by businesses and enterprises to work on mobile app development.

Benefits of Having A Mobile App
People often assume that only big companies need to have their own mobile app. And that, in fact, is not true. Even small and medium enterprises can benefit from having a mobile app and stay in the front-line of their industry, here’s why:
• Increase your visibility. People are on their phone a lot, and imagine the exposure gained if the app icon of your business is there. By just being there, you are able to cross your customers’ mind, increasing the chance for them to think of your service when they need something in particular. Sometimes it can also be spontaneous. For example, ordering pizza after noticing the application.
• Improve customer engagement. Having a mobile app means that customers can easily reach you wherever they are. Transactions can be done in just a few clicks and moreover, consistent service and procedures are applied so that satisfying interaction is more guaranteed.
• Cultivate customers loyalty. Mobile app development helps you to connect directly and meaningfully with your customers. It is also possible to provide additional value for your customers by creating a loyalty program, app-only promotions, and extra privilages. When customers have a good experience, chances are they will use the app again.

How To Create A Mobile App
Consider to create a mobile app for your business, but have no idea where to begin? We have written a post on how to create an app without programming which may help! Or, the easier alternative is to hire digital experts who specialize in mobile app development. Mobile app developers can assist you in creating a mobile app, handling the app design to suit your needs. The prices will usually vary depending on the complexity and the platforms supported. Therefore, it is good to have an idea of what functions you need for the app and its purpose.

Mobile App Development in Singapore  —  Grab: Car, Taxi, Bike Booking App
An example of a very successful and popular mobile app is Grab. Using the app which is downloadable from both android and iOS app store, users can easily use it to book transportation in few simple steps. First, location detection is activated to determine the pick up point accurately. The address can also be typed manually. Users are then prompted to key in their destination and their preferred mode of transportation (car, taxi, bike). After confirming the booking, users are able to track their driver’s progress while on the way, and get notification when it arrives.
The app is popular as it offers more convenience compared to the traditional taxi. Users don’t need to make a call to book with Grab, and the app makes it impossible to misheard pick-up or destination point. The app is also more effective and transparent as it directly indicates how much will the journey cost. In addition, Grab also give their customer extra value by frequently giving promo code that users can use in the mobile app. They also give various kind of discount. For example, $5 of on weekdays, and so on. This serves as incentive to attract customers.